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Vase décoratif, impression 3D, matériau recyclé


Vase décoratif, impression 3D, matériau recyclé

♻ Made from recycled materials (from consumer waste)
🖨 3D printed and lovingly handcrafted
🌾 Including glass insert for wet and dried flowers
🇬🇧 Made in Germany
♻️ 100% recyclable & durable

Size 1: height 22 cm, ø 14 cm
Size 2: height 23 cm, ø 22 cm

The Bent vase combines classic elegance with its organic lines and flowing design in a ripple look in a unique design object. The charming curves change the shape of the vase depending on the orientation and make the Bent a versatile highlight. The medium-sized mouth gives room for bouquets of flowers, dried flowers or even pampas grass. With or without content – the Bent impresses with its aesthetic design and becomes a statement decorative element that is second to none.

The special feature of the products: All design objects are made in northern Germany from predominantly recycled materials using additive manufacturing. Each vase goes through its own quality check and is carefully hand-packed in a local workshop for people with disabilities.

Nice to know: Each vase is unique due to its special production method. You will be given a jar to fill with water or soil.


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